The reunion trend is worn out by now. It was exciting when it first started, regardless of the genre. Bands that split long time ago were re-uniting to satisfy their fans. Then, those reunions were occurring more often than not, that we reached the point of (what the fuck) having bands that were splitting up while leaving a window open for a future reunion. Especially in Metal, bands that never actually had any serious impact reunited, solely because of an EP that they released in the 80’s (that wasn’t even that good) that became valued by collectors and they suddenly gained “fans”, out of nowhere, reached cult status, returned for a live show in front of their –mostly European- new fans and then went back to the shadows, after fulfilling their dream of playing live in Europe (or playing live in front of more of 8 people). All of the above made us weary, even when it came to truly great bands. And the fear of demystifying our idols came to life in many cases. Cirith Ungol’s reunion though, is a unique case for me. It was something that many of us fans, were rooting for, for many years. It was about time that justice was served, a top notch band with unique sound and style for their time, to appear in front of our eyes, so we can share our love for them, give them the chance to see how much we admire them. In their time, they were underrated, not many people knew about them and some even mocked them. We owed them applause, an experience that maybe wasn’t able to vindicate the injustice of the success they never gained back then, but it would be able to give them the satisfaction of knowing that whatever they were doing back in the day, whatever they worked for, got the approval it deserved. We owed Cirith Ungol, not them. And luckily we had the opportunity to give back, during Up The Hammers fest, because in all honesty, we Greeks are one of the most active Metal audience. I hope they felt how much we enjoyed them. I hope we were able to give back a small amount of the pleasure they offered us. Even if they were standing still on Gagarin’s stage, staring at us without even playing, we would have glorified them, because that’s what they deserve. But since we are not only some of the liveliest metal fans, but we’re also extremely lucky, we were blessed to witness a Holy Rite, something majestic. No, I’m not bullshitting you, this is exactly what I felt. Cirith Ungol offered us one of the best reunion shows in the history of metal music (if not the best). Technically were above criticism. Attitude-wise, they were one of the most serious, well rehearsed cases of reunion, I have ever seen. You couldn’t tell that this band was inactive for all those years; they seemed like a band that visited during their glorious era. I’m not going to highlight any tracks, because I love them all equally. And yes, if it was possible, I’d love them to play ALL their songs (5-6 times each). And no, I’m not complaining, I don’t have the right to, I’m eternally grateful. All I want to say is thank you, thanks for reminding me how it feels to watch your idols kick ass on stage and be like a teenager again. Thank you!