Genre: Black Metal
Country: Switzerland
Label: Czar Of Crickets Productions
Year: 2017

Οne of this month’s finest discoveries is definitely Cold Cell. This group, formed back in 2012 has already released 3 albums, the latest of whom is “Those”, out back in November 2017. From the front cover’s first glimpse, you can be pretty sure of what’s coming up. Gloomy, suicidal black metal, accompanied with vocals coming from a madman’s dungeon. More specifically, we are dealing with a disc, full of ambient and doom spiced, all mixed up, while somehow touching the DSBM genre. Whoever is familiar with Shining, Lifelover and Faulnis, knows what I’m talking about. Featuring eight tracks and lasting a little less than an hour, “Those” is definitely not a record for narrow-minded black metal fans. In its entirety, we see in great harmony some elements from the Norwegian black metal scene, with a more melodic approach and atmospheric/ambient alternations, while the vocals reminded me of Limbonic Art’s Daemon. The highlights are undoubtedly “Seize The Whole”, “Entity II” because of it’s epic ending and the outro “Heritage”. Despite the summertime season, some melancholy didn’t harm anyone. Enjoy at your own cost.