Genre: Death Metal
Country: Germany
Label: MDD Records
Year: 2018

Germany is not well-known for its death metal scene, as only a few bands have made a breakthrough or have even made a name in the underground – such as Morgoth, Chapel of Disease, Drowned, Cryptic Realms, Carnal Tomb, Atomwinter and few more.

Commander for me has been a surprise, as I had never heard their name before – and this is their third album! I must apologize for that; Commander is not only a very professional band (very good sound production, impressive artwork), they also have the mentality and the skill to filter their influences and create something unique and personal out of it. If we had to look at Commander’s influences, then we would certainly recall bands like Vader or The Haunted.

The album has a good flow, and tracks like the self-titled one or ”Locust Infestation” (I loved that song!) feel like a punch in the face. “Invidia” is probably the album’s best song, with the main riff even reminding of Death. I adored the leads at “Chaos Awakening”, and honestly speaking, the leads are one of the album’s biggest advantages. Nick Kollar’s vocals are very good: not too brutal, but still very expressive and with good pronunciation. Also, good work on the solid rhythm section should be mentioned too.

I enjoyed ”Fatalis” (The Unbroken Circle) and I am sure people who like their death metal without unnecessary blast-beats, or with sound production straight from the coffin, will enjoy it too. A very good album.