Genre: Heavy, Thrash
Country: Sweden
Label: High Roller Records
Year: 2020

Commando is a fresh 4-Piece Heavy/Thrash Metal band from Arvika, Sweden. Yes, Arvika the hometown of Enforcer and Tribulation. They released a 2-track demo back in 2018 and this is their first EP that includes a rework of the two songs from that demo that were put in on “Rites of Damnation”. There are totally old school, raw, dirty and have this sick melancholic style of Gothic-tinted of Tribulation and In Solitude melody in their sound. A sound that is dominated by the Slayeresque vocals of Robin Bidgoli that his desperate cries will bring you in mind the North Rhine-Westphalia thrash band of Vulture or Swedish Antichrist. As the rhythm section (bassist Eric Björklund and drummer Aron Torstensson) is solid, but mostly tries to keep things connected and tight, (even though sometimes things sound more experimental and chaotic), all eyes are on Robin Bidgoli’s and Felix Einarsson’s guitar work. The N.W.O.B.H.M. fast-paced riffs, like the guitars being played in the 45rpm, are highly energetic and full of tense, and show a band full of skills and thirst for explosive soloing. Still Commando manages to have strong doses of slower tempos too in order to keep the listener’s interest focused in the EP’s entirety. Rites of Damnation” is a strong, almost  excellent EP, that works fine for an exceptional hors d’oeuvre of the upcoming debut full length album, as also as an individual (probably considered to be cult in a couple of years) release.