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Genre: D-Beat Punk, Rock’n’Roll
Country: Greece
Label: –
Year: 2017

Concete Bastards sprung through the gutters of Thessaloniki and stroke like a lightning in clear skies with the release of their self-titled debut album a few weeks back. An enthusiastic release, not just because it’s been ages since we last heard well-played punk from our city, but because of the feedback got from the general crowd and the local devotees of the genre. We are dealing with an elaborate debut that despite the fact it only consists of three tracks, it manifests the wild attitude of the band and I dare say, this EP has created massive thirst for the things to come by the group, as I think that due to those Bastards’ skillful and filigree work, the future shines bright. Concrete Bastards’ music is everything their name engulfs. Raw rock’n’roll, with guttersnipe d-beat punk influences and seemingly / metaphorically crude vocals, which in league with the frontman’s raspy qualities, bond perfectly with the overall synthesis. That’s why I think they belong on stage, destroying everything.  The band has the balanced amount of compositional filth and clean production that rockets the final result.  “Wake Up Call”, the second track of the album, is certainly the highlight of this release; can’t stop hitting replay the least weeks.

Concrete Bastards will give their first live performance, along with One Last Round and Against All Odds, a gig run by Timebomb, on November 4th. Don’t miss them!