Genre: Crust/D-beat/Black
Country: Greece
Label: Self-financed/7inch Distro/Scarecrow Records
Year: 2017

Recipe for an ultimate destruction: share both sides of a vinyl disc to the Athenians CONSPIRACY OF DENIAL and to LETHE from Patras and then… only God can help us! As well as we talk about two bands that have created their own myth in the Greek underground scene, this mini prologue is maybe the best way to describe what happens in the 36 minutes of the split-LP they recently unleashed.

On the side of Conspiracy of Denial things start quite calmly, with dark and sludge melodies to exude the strong smell of death and decay, but after a few seconds things suddenly change and like a slap you feel the first strike, before it returns and hits you again with the other side of the hand. Riot, chaos, hatred and aggression are only four of the many words that can describe what comes next on the first side of the disc. On the one hand, merciless crust/d-beat, with riffs that rip your flesh as blades and a submachine gun-drummer, that once again is playing crazy things. On the other hand, black metal passages – as a result of the love of the band’s guitarist for the Scandinavian scene – give a more dark and mysterious feeling to the compositions. And in the middle what? Of course, Christina, that whoever knows her but has never seen her performing live, is unable to believe that she is the same person who vomits the lyrics behind the mic of CoD.

On the… opposite bank, Lethe offers generously once again tons of misanthropy with their well-known dystopic crust/black metal style, since from the very first seconds a dark shadow spreads out mentally around and the atmosphere becomes suffocating and unbearable. In contrast to the side of Conspiracy of Denial, here the music style is different, not so aggressive, but more grim and gloomy. Sick and obscure melodies, like slow, rhythmic walking through the absolute void surge from the guitars and anguished screams, as souls begging for death, haunt you. Lethe is a faculty on their own, a band that does not copy and can not be copied and they prove it perfect on this release, in which they seem to be more mature than ever before.

While writing these lines, the LP is repeated again and again and my ears are about to throw up flames because of the volume of the music coming out of my headphones – big mistake to listen the album it that way, it’s better to try with normal speakers and a… bat in your hand, to crush everything around you. Highly recommended and without further thoughts, to cry out you too, ‘Oh, my fucking God, they will send us to the madhouse!’.

*In the disc there are two excellent covers too, one to Lethe’s ‘Ψωραλέα Δυσανθρωπίλα’, performed by Conspiracy of Denial, and the other to Conspiracy of Denial’s ‘Άρνηση’, performed by Lethe.