Genre: Heavy Metal/N.W.O.B.H.M
Country: Australia
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music
Year: 2014

This is the second great release that reaches my ears from Australia for 2014. First was the magnificent demo of Outcast, (along with Chalice from the US easily the best demo releases of the year) that turned my head around. Convent Guilt’s music differs from the 80’s Dutch metal style of their compatriots Outcast. Classic heavy metal with a lotof N.W.O.B.H.M. elements is what you get with the band’s first album attempt after their 2012 self-titled demo.

A first look at the cover gives you a hint of the band’s philosophy. Underground and obscure to the bone! Fuck polished productions and commercial friendly songs. This is raw heavy metal with screaming guitar solos, filthy and with a bad attitude.

If songs like ‘Angels In Black Leather’, ‘Don’t close your eyes’, ‘Perverse Altar’ and ‘Stockade’ were released on 7 inches in the early 80’s collectors would pay ridiculously huge amounts of money to own them. Yes, they are that good. The band’s influences don’t stop here though. In ‘Convict At Arms’ they reveal their love for AC\DC and in the ‘They took her away’ they even reminded me of Skyclad and Slough Feg!!!. ‘Guns For Hire’ and ‘Desert Brat’ although good heavy compositions just doesn’t reach the awesomeness of the rest of the album being the less inspired songs in here.

‘Guns For Hire’could have easily been released in the early 80’s and today enjoy its cult status. So do yourselves a favor and give them a try. If you love NWOBHM for the right reasons, the feeling, the crunchy guitars and the sing along choruses this one is for you.