With the original versions of the first 3 Coroner albums gone extinct for many years now and their price being high most of the times,come these (really neat to be honest) remastered versions which will make happy those who seek the mentioned released in mint condition without having to sell their blind grandmother’s china. For the die hards there’s no discussion, they didn’t expect us to find out that these albums are out etc etc. So far, so good for the unsuspected reader who pressed on this link by accident or he wants something to read while hearing this vomit called Sabaton.

Who is Coroner?

Let’s say, Coroner is a band that from it’s beginning was going against it’s own very existence. Too extreme for the average 80’s metalhead, too hard to digest for the average extreme fan, hard to comprehend but easy to worship once you entered their world. Up until today, no one managed to copy them and sound like them because simply no one had the balls to even try it and though they influenced dozens of bands out there, few of them mention them as their influence.

Kinda like AC/DC, more Swiss and slightly more complex…

Somewhere back in 1996 they split without being clowns, likewise they reunited in 2010 and play around the world ever since giving for free brain damages, dropped jaws and various other reactive diseases to those who are fortunate enough to see them. Especially to fellow musicians. But they never used their special  technique for posing like some other Theatre comedians out there, instead they made their unique atmosphere which became the trademark (one of their trademarks) of their sound. Witnesses that saw them during their first period and now only speak of a band that became better in time.

That’s Coroner.

A good starting point from their first 3 albums is No More Color for someone who starts now the journey through their dark and claustrophobic world. This is their top (and a personal favorite) and with the following releases they simply remained there. This one is also their more “easy listening” album along with Grin if you want to dive in the abyss called Coroner. From all the re releases coming out the last few years, these truly have a meaning and a reason to exist.

And be serious, we can’t rank these albums.