Genre: Black Metal
Country: Portugal
Label: Folter Records
Year: 2015

Portuguese Corpus Christii return four years after the release of «Luciferian Frequencies» with a back to the roots album, which marks their return in the best possible way. Essentially, Nocturnus Horrendus is the man who carries on his shoulders Corpus Christii and this means that any development and improvement experiences as a musician passes it as an influence to his band too. “Palemoon” marks the return of the Portuguese; primordial, crude and more raw sound and style than they had in «Tormented Belief». The album begins with «Far Beyond the light», a track that traveled my mind back to the ’90s. Fast riffs with melodies, double bass, classic black metal tempos and abysmal and unpretentious vocals. Next song «Under Beastcraft» continues in the same pattern, but with moments of intense Darkthrone element, while «The great Death» is distinguished by the very intense rotation of the voice and the chaotic atmosphere. Generally this is the style of most tracks, with emphasis on creating atmosphere through the expression of voices, while the drums are crafted in such a degree that do not steal the show, but provide the color and style you need at every moment. Highlights of “Palemoon” is the slow-moving and imposing “Eternal bliss” and the killer song “From darkness to Total Blackness”.

Although «Luciferian Frequencies» was impressive and showed the more technical side of Corpus Christii, I think this album is better and more authentic, because clearly the Portuguese have in their blood what they offer us in “Palemoon”.