Genre: Doom/Stoner
Country: Greece
Year: 2019

Cosmic Plunge are a four member Greek group, from Herakleion in Crete. They were created in 2010, in 2014 they released their debut and five years later, here comes their second work “Dealing with the Harvester”. The main difference from their previous album is that the sound is now blacker and more drowning. Maybe it was done on purpose or it was natural to happen, is not important. Since we are talking about doom metal, this is the wanted result. A genre that is not easy to the listener’s ear and whoever is involved with it, is known for their dedication. The passionate vocals of Jim assure the conclusion above. The musicianship is in general within this context and takes the next step compared to their debut. Musically, while the core is doom metal, other elements like these of stoner or heavy rock can be found as well. The concept is well presented and the dark subjects of the album as well as the fantastic cover warn you for what is about to happen. There are six compositions only, that lead up to 42 minutes. This, combined with the five years of silence shows that nothing sound more or less than it should. I know the band is quite active in live shows but it would work in their favor if there isn’t such a big gap with their next record. Until then, we will immense ourselves to the darkness with “Dealing with the Harvester”.