Genre: Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Repulsive Echo
Year: 2018

Even though I keep an eye on Repulsive Echo, a small independent Greek record label that delivers excellent underground Death Metal , to be honest I wasn’t expecting this well kept secret, this little gem, as it came out of nowhere to me! Create A Kill could also be named Create to Kill -or to Massacre-, still if you are not into Death Metal you probably think that I’m exaggerating as you may not recognize the names that consist the super group’s lineup: Daniel Gonzalez (guitarist on Gruesome and Possessed, ex-Exhumed (live), ex-Maruta (live), ex-Master (live)), Gus Rios (the Venezuelan drummer of Gruesome) that both share a Malevolent Creation past, and the one and only drummer of legendary Solstice Alex Marquez (although he is the vocalist on Create A Kill). I don’t know much on how and why the band used four musicians behind the drum kit: Dirk Verbueren of Soilwork and Megadeth and Tobias Gustafsson of God Macabre, Cut Up and Vomitory as guest musicians, plus Gus Rios and Alex Marquez. Please add that three complete tracks were recorded with guest Matt Harvey (Exhumed) on vocals, while the rest was done by Alex Marquez. Despite the miscellaneous participation on the recording still the final result is more than solid; it’s a concrete wall of sound, thick as fuck and violent as like an iron fist smashing your teeth. The thrash elements are so vital for the old school Death Metal that these guys deliver and certainly gives an extra ferocity to the brilliant shredding riffs. All songs are less than 5 minutes, actually only two of them are close to 5 as the average length is about 3 ½ minutes, just the right one to be, avoiding slump and keeping the listener uptight. A perfect suggestion for fans of Demolition Hammer, Exhorder, Solstice, Morbid Saint and Possessed.