Genre: Power Metal/Melodic Death
Country: Finland
Label: –
Year: 2020

Crimson Sun is one of Finland’s rough diamonds. Being a part of scene, in country with a plethora of good and bad releases, Crimson Sun are gearing up for the first category and are preparing to release their second album, “Fates” real soon. It is a band that has many influences, easily distinguished and understood through the album, with a deep melodic background. Beyond that, whether it’s heavy metal, melodic death, or even power, the Finns have created a result that is no bad at all. Unlike a lot of bands trying to find their identity and desperately trying to mix and combine as many things as possible and usually turns out shit, Crimson Sun has taken a good turn in this one. A really good one. The production is modern and polished, the performance of each member rocks and the voice quite suited to what they embody; the Finns have absolutely nothing to envy of any other band belonging to the idiom, or even in the same country with them. I hope their album goes really well.