Genre: Hard Rock
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Nuclear blast
Year: 2016

Well people, Crobot are here to stay! When first listened to Crobot was about 3 years ago when ‘Something Supernatural’ came to light, back then I just said, meh… and thought that I’m going to keep an eye on them because its seems that these guys have potential for more, and these guys kept their promise to me and here we come to this moment where ‘Welcome to Fat City’ has landed to my hands, taking me to groovy and funky paths.

I think that the Fat on the title just shows that everything in this album is heightened, guitar riffs, the voice is more passionate, everything is more, exactly as it should. Ok, let’s state the obvious it’s a trend to go back musically and play 70’s old school rock,‘Welcome to Fat City’ is taking us to a trip back to the 70’s and 90’s but in a very unique way, the band made these two decades a part of them. Yes, you can hear their inspirations loud and clear, Black Sabbath of course, Soundgarden, Q .O.T.S.A. but they own their sound, and it’s a sound of a future past. Many times these kind of bands (70’s rock) sound like noise sometimes because while trying to heighten everything instead of getting a cool result they sound like everyone is trying to just play as loudly as they can without being a whole and the results are giving a nasty headache. Here everything sounds exactly as it should. I’m not going to say that we are talking here about a masterpiece or that this is a new sound, not way Jose but it’s a cool, psychedelic fun, funky, groovy rock album that doesn’t let you down and you won’t get bored with, although many times you can hear repeated riffs it’s not annoying they make it happen unnoticeably.

Trying to single out a song is not an easy thing, I find all of them to be hits but my own favorite is ‘Hold on for Dear Life’ maybe because is moodier and with a bluesy twist from everything else. Brandon Yeagley’s voice is to die for and even you try to find a flaw will be pointless as I think he gave everything he has to make it happen.

In conclusion this record is a must if you want to have a nice time and you are not looking for the next big thing motherfucking masterpiece don’t bother to listen to it at all, you are just going to ruin everything and won’t appreciate its true value. Gather the gang and have a few beers listening to ‘Welcome to Fat City’….you’re welcome!