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German epic/viking/power metal group Crom is going to release the thrid full length, entitled ‘When Northmen Die’ on December 1st via Pure Legend Records. Check the cover artwork and the tracklist below.

crom cover

1. Behold the lights
2. All alone
3. Shields of gold
4. Dear father
5. Betrayal
6. I’m with you
7. Gods of glory
8. One step to the lake below
9. Sentenced to death
10. Rain
11. When northmen die
12. Farewell song
Bonus tracks:
13. The millenium king (Old man’s child cover)
14. A world without heroes (Kiss cover)
15. Hunting high and low (A-ha cover)

The group now presents a new song from the upcoming album. Listen to ‘Behold The Lights’ here:

In case you’ve missed it, check the lyric video for the song ‘Shields Of Gold’