Genre: Power Metal
Country: Germany
Label : Century Media
Year: 1991

Line up: Leszek Szpigiel/vocals – Bernd Kost/guitars – Jochen Kalpein/guitars – Frank Bankowski/bass – Bobby Schottkowski/drums

If you noticed the lineup of Crows they have shared members with Angel Dust and later both Bernd Kost and Bobby Schottkowski went to Sodom and the talented but unrecognized singer Leszek Szpigiel joined the Mekong Delta and Scanner (see “Mental Reservation”). So you would not say they are just random. Certainly in 1991 the world had probably more on his mind (as well as during the ’90s that the power metal scene grew gigantic) and even the Power metallers did not deal much with the disc nor the band so they broke up with unique work only their debut.

As a base their sound has the classic metal from one and on the other hand the Teutonic cutting power (with small dosages of speed). In pros the searched topics for American Indians and the crystalline production, so each instrument sounds clean and polished but natural and not at all fake (full American it sounds to me, and I say it in a good way). Crafted compositions emphasizing on the choruses and the guitars. Monumental interpretation from Szpigiel and excellent performance by all members who give their best. Highlights of the album “The Frantic Factor”, the self-titled, the “East of Eden” and “We Are the Storm”. Crows were unfairly into obscurity, but not the discredit, since those who dealt with them appreciated and loved the high quality of power metal generously offered by “The Dying Race”. Do not make the same mistake and ignore them.

* Released by Century Media in 2000 copies in 1991 and on July 9, 2013 re-released by Divebomb Records with bonus the demo “The Legions” and three other songs (“Back To Back”, “Cover Of Ruin” and “Angels Cry”).