Genre: Progressive Thrash Metal
Country: Netherlands
Label: Century Media Records
Year: 2021

Reformed Distillator come back under the name Cryptosis. I guess new sound, new name. From typical (heavy) thrash lines, they turned over to a rather more progressive style. Both name change and sound experiments set out a new beginning for the band. They were introduced with “Transmissions of Chaos”, a split EP with Vektor. This couldn’t have been a coincidence, given the fact that both bands are very much alike musically. “Bionic Swarm”, their first complete work, was released just a month after “Transmissions of Chaos”. Laurens Houvast’s voice sounds less “toxic”, which makes it even more accessible to a wider audience. Another key difference lies to its compositions. Songwriting is simpler, resulting to shorter in length songs and album as a total. This way, their material became wider approachable. Nevertheless, the pounding is relentless. Terrific drumming passages, while the ultimate “massacre” held in the guitars. Awesome riffs, stormy rhythms and many part alterations that come out of the blue. Their progressive style is obvious mainly in the essence that there is no formal structure in a composition level, but a constant surprise due to such awesome dynamics. Thrash lovers should definitely listen to them. Very promising restart overall, making band’s new material worth listening to.