Genre: Heavy/Power
Country: Greece
Label: Massacre Records
Year: 2014

Crystal Tears have created a strong name in global metal scene, because of the quality of their earlier releases. Now, with this third full length album, via Massacre Records, I’m sure that they will make all the fans of quality heavy/power, pleased once again.

Ian Parry (ex-Elegy) has been replaced by Soren Adamsen (ex-Artillery), whose voice and performance is top notch, with a solid sound (thanks to the producer R.D. Liapakis), Crystal Tears delivers a dynamic result of 10 songs (plus one cover on ‘Beds Are Burning’ by Midnight Oil), that captures the excellent musicianship of the band.

Highlights of the album: ‘Resurrection Suicide’ (even though it is a little edgy for the group’s style, yet a great song, that brings in mind Helloween of ‘The Dark Ride’-era), ‘The Devil Inside’ with its intensive hard rock feeling and a chorus that sticks in your mind and the anthemic ‘Ever Alone’.

In my opinion, this is the release that will boost, for sure, their fame one level higher, a boost that has already started with the announcement of their first european tour, supporting Mystic Prophecy!!!