Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Poland
Label: AFM Ρecords
Year: 2017

It must be really important for someone to be a founder of a big heavy metal group in our days, especially if this someone has worked with some of the biggest names of our favorite genre. It is also worth mentioning that this someone is an amazing female heavy metal vocalist, having broken free from the stereotypical high pitched, operatic vocals that have spread like a disease nowadays because of the rise of the symphonic/gothic metal genre and of course the wife of one of the greatest producers of our time that’s keeping metal alive, supporting the New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal, while every oldschool, narrow minded metal “fan” is being against it, not giving newer bands a single chance. Four years after Marta Gabriel and Crystal Viper told us the story of the demonic possessed by an alien force little girl, the polish heavy metal machine is back with a new record entitle “Queen of The Witches”.

“Queen Of The Witches” is pretty much everything an 80’s heavy metal fan would ask for. Apart from the 11 compositions that come straight from the glorious era of ’80s heavy metal, not giving a clue that this record was born in the 21st century, the album includes some special guests: Ross The Boss (Manowar), Mantas (Venom) and Steve Bettney (Saracen). My most worth-mentioned moments are “I Fear No Evil”, total Iron Maiden like-masterpiece, “Trapped Behind” and “We Will Make it Last Forever” (the second is the duet with Steve) that indicate Marta’s voice in the best way possible and of course “Flames And Blood”, a total speed metal anthem including Ross on leads that could actually be a speed metal anthem if it was released a few decades ago. The album closes with the legendary “See You In Hell” by Grim Reaper, making it near perfect as a whole.

“Queen Of The Witches” is definitely not one of the band’s greatest moments; nothing compares neither to the ”Curse of Crystal Viper”, nor “Metal Nation”, however works fine as a remedy to its predecessor “Possession”.