This is a song taken from the second volume of the epic BLIND ILLUSION demo series, covering the years from 1980 to 1986, featuring some of the greatest heavy metal songs ever penned by any artist.

In volume 2, you may find more than 70 minutes of powerful metal music from these San Francisco pioneers including the legendary “Trilogy of Terror” demo plus the considered to be forever lost, “Darkness” demo.

The sound has been restored and remastered, so what you get to hear is the best version of all these classic BLIND ILLUSION tunes. Both the CD and Vinyl versions, come with liner notes by the guitar master Mark Biedermann, lyrics and amazing photos from the old days of the band.

The first pressing of the vinyl version comes with gatefold sleeve and special hand numbered poster, while the CD version is housed in a deluxe cardboard slipcase.

1980 Demo
1. On Death’s Bed
2. Kamakazi
1983 Demo
3. Arc the Iron
4. Blind Sun
1983 Demo
5. Race with the Wizard
6. Darkness
7. Concerto for a Dildo
(i. Opus Oedipus, ii. A lesson in Incest, iii. A Bowel Movement in C Minor) 1983 Version
8. Death Noise
1984 Demo Trilogy of Terror
9. Banshee
10. Glass Guillotine
11. Destroyer
1985 Demo
12. Blood Shower
13. Smash the Crystal
1986 Demo
14. Slow Death
15. Vengeance Is Mine
16. Bloodshower
17. Kamikaze