Yes, you’re reading right. This is the legendary British band TRÖJAN, that back in 1985 released one of the best N.W.O.B.H.M. albums of all time, loaded with amazing axework by Pete Wadeson, high class vocals by Graeme Wyatt and pounding rhythm section by Eddy Martin (bass) and Sam Hall (drums) leading to immortal compositions such as “Ice House”, “Backstabber”, “Aggressor” and the metal hymn “Chasing the Storm”. Four years later, the band continued as TALIÖN and released another classic album by the title “Killing the World”.

Below you can hear “Bring on the night”, an unreleased straight forward in your face raw sonic assault that did not make it to the band’s only album, evident of the quality of this quartet’s song writing abilities. Demo collectors may already be familiar with it from band demos.

After spending some years trying to locate all original band members, Cult Metal Classics are in the pleasant position to announce the official re-release of “Chasing the storm” with an additional live bonus disc as an extra and fat bootklet featuring lyrics, photos, notes etc, with great remastered sound. The album will be available both on vinyl and CD featuring the original artwork that is easily one of the finest front cover artworks ever made.

The release of “Chasing the Storm” is scheduled for Spring, 2021 and who knows what the future holds. As the mighty JAG PANZER used to say “you know it’s over, when the metal melts the ice” and we can tell you for sure that the ice still holds strong….HAIL!