Cult Metal Classics shakes up the heavy metal ground by announcing with pride the release of one of the more unknown gems from the 80’s. Mostly known among 80’s US Metal Collectors, this mega rarity, easily ranks among the great LP’s of the 80’s. 
BAD AXE released their only album “Contradiction to the Rule” back in 1986, containing high class heavy metal which sadly passed unnoticed by the majority of the music fans, due to its great obscurity. Well, things change now as the CD will be available as a limited edition pressing, including lyrics of all songs, band story and killer remastered sound by Rusty Wright. Songs like “The Ice Queen”, “The Last Knight”, “All The Dead Magicians” etc. will simply destroy you! After nearly 30 years from its initial release, time to pay tribute to one great band… A true unsung hero of the 80’s!