Genre: Groove Metal
Country: Hellas
Label: –
Year: 2020

Athenians D-Human are not a new group, as they exist since 2009. The several line-up changes though, slow down their evolution and their debut arrived in digital form ten years later. And it was finally the last September that at last we got in our hands their first album, entitled “Darker Days To Come” in digipack cd, in a DIY production.

If we just wanted to put their music under a genre, we should use the term “groove”. But of course, there are many other elements and influences in their music. You can hear Thrash metal breaks and mostly you will find characteristic hostile Hardcore vocal lines. This is a factor that makes D-Human to stand out and gives them an extra dynamic. The production wisely has the proper volume especially for the guitars that will bring you in mind the best moments from Machine Head. Even though we are dealing with a debut, still you won’t find amateur mistakes or something as the band had the time and mostly, they used it as an advantage and didn’t wasted it, to create a unique result. The lengthy compositions are well crafted too, without losing any of the ferocity and the straightforward character their songs have. After all the genre they serve, demands this element.

It is really healthy for Greek scene to have bands like D-Human, despite the fact that as a it hasn’t a plethora of groovy bands in its arsenal. Fans of the genre will definitely check them out and I have to give an advice to thee band (if I’m permitted to do so) that they shouldn’t miss the momentum that they have and should write their sophomore album as soon as possible. We will surely be here waiting to hear it, but until that day come, we can hear “Darker Days to Come” again and again…