Genre: Black Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Independent
Year: 2018

The black metal scene of Patras, Greece is diminutive as far as the city’s size is concerned (a meager 13 bands in all are archived in Encyclopaedia Metallum) and rather inconspicuous. Apart from the excellent Bohemian Grove (whose sophomore full-length is taking ages to be released), until recently there was no band name from this northwestern part of Peloponnese that popped into mind. This year however there appeared two rather interesting bands, namely Tristengrav with their debut demo, and the feature of this review, Daemon Of Oa, a group that managed to release 2 full-length albums within 4 months. This one-man band is the project of an ex-member of the more well-known classic metallers Clamor Of Existence, is almost two years old, and last year it released its first EP, “An Evil Inhail”.

“Awaiting The Unborn”, the band’s second album for 2018, adores two things (which anyway are related genealogically) – Darkthrone of the three classic albums and Judas Iscariot (who are obviously the spiritual descendants of Fenriz and Company). This love is translated in an omnipresent frigid atmosphere with long-winded riffs circular logic imbued with sparks of “Transilvanian Hunger’s” inhumanity and Iscariot’s nobility. The absence of intro and outro song parts leads to tracks that are built like monolithic beasts cut off from predictable structures. Here rules frenzied impetuosity hand in hand with hypnotic repeatability, with a clever use of melodic themes which in conjunction with the production create in certain moments the illusion of some ultra-discreet keyboards. The main negative component of this release is the gargling vocals which are rather over-edited, in an effort to sound inhuman which results in a generic black metal hues that is not convincing.

The Patras group’s album is obviously not re-inventing the wheel, but brings loads of invisible oranges to the listener’s hands. It seems that its creator loves traditional ‘90s black metal atmosphere, especially the Scandinavian one, and in the release’s 29 minutes he pays his respects to this brand of black metal. A great attempt from this young and definitely multi-productive band.