Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Lost Realm Records
Year: 2018

1990 finds Damien from Ohio, USA having already crossed a decade of life, while having shown some serious samples of US metal composing, two albums and a lots of serious Metal vibe on their live performances as well. In that exact moment of their career, a serious lineup change happens since their original vocalist Randy V leaves the band, giving his position to Troy Moore.

Moore is giving his best to this sudden, yet important change of the band’s sound, change that would be noticed on the seven tracks included on the bband’s self titled promo tape which was released back in 1992.

The tape was released in 100 copies at first, some of which were handed to radio stations and concerts as a part of Damien’s promotion. Of course it was duplicated by many tape traders often mentioned as the highlight on the band’s career so far. So, this material, is out now in a CD format through Lost Realm Records.

Musically speaking, the band sounds a little more technical than before, reaching higher speeds and focusing on their guitar leads without leaving the “straight in your face” US metal pattern they chose.

The vocal lines are some of the highlights since Moore sings his heart out, having a wide range and a characteristic voice which is painted on through all the songs. The rest of the band is giving their best too. The entire material is based on fine riffing, giving space to the high class leads which pierce through the vocal melodies, or either come out as main parts, taking the entire weight on them. Oh almighty Chuck Stohl, show us how it’s done!

“Silent Rage”, “Rat Race”, “Departure of The Storm” and “Candle of Life” are my highlights, the last of which gives its’ title to the re-release.

New artwork is presented leaving the classic purple Damien logo of the original tape behind, bonus DVD is also included featuring live footage from Ohio and Michigan in 1991.

This is an ecelent re-release in the high standards Lost Realm records. Booklet includes lyrics, bio and plenty of photos. Whether you’re a Damien or a US metal fan in general, this reissue deserve its’ space in your shelf.

I have nothing to add, except that the fabulous instrumental “Night Wind” which is the album’s outro, actually proves that even the most “obsessed” US metal bands have their neoclassical, as well as a bit of avant-garde moments. :)) I Love this tune!