Genre : Melodic/Progressive Death Metal
Country : Germany
Label : Apostasy Records
Label: 2017

DAMNATION DEFACED are coming from Germany (established in 2006) and the are full of Death Metal rage and sci-fi scenarios. These are the main ingredients that combine their third album entitled “Invader From Beyond”, a release that is flooded by brutal vocals, modern approaching (personally I always welcome such approaching), technical playing, catchy verses, sci-fi samples, synths, soundscapes and electronic parts, which creates the futuristic character. This is an excellent way to transfer the listener in a world full of extraterrestrials (as the very nice cover shows). The production is a killer one; the guitars are razor-sharp, while the galloping rhythm section is shaking up and down my apartment’s foundation during the 42 minutes of the disc’s duration. ‘Invader From Beyond’ was recorded by Hannes Huke in the „Institut fuer Klangforschung“ in Hanover, whereas the mix and master was entrusted to the proven hands of Dan Swanö. The cover artwork was done by Juanjo Castellano (Vomitory, Revel In Flesh), who perfectly realized the graphical vision. We can’t say more about this very good record that will surely been loved from fans of HYPOCRICY, AMON AMARTH, ARCH ENEMY. Highly recommended…