Genre: Thrash/Power Metal
Country: Australia
Label: Sensory Records
Year: 2017

With their first record “Invisible The Dead”, the Aussies Damnations Day had already won a place in the list of my favorite bands. Now, with their new record, they come and justify via the best possible way my initial thoughts. Just like in their first album, in “A World Awakens” Damnations Day combine in a unique way their Power / Thrash sound with Progressive compositions full of intensity, technique and melody, gaining this way more heavy metal fans. “A World Awakens” is an album full of inspiration, with excellent compositions, accompanied with a constant vocal feast by one of the most unique voices, Mark Kennedy, whose heavy vocals seem to overpower everything at moments. With a melodic introduction and dynamic development over the course of the album, “The Witness” is surely the best thing that the album could have. The song is as strong as it could be; a track that could be an album by itself. “Dissecting The Soul” and “Colors Of Darkness” continue to impress the listener and increase the tension with Dean Kennedy’s Drums blasting mercilessly and John King’s solos to magically fit the vocals of Mark Kennedy. The next songs “I Pray” and the “Into Black” ballad lower the speeds but they win you with their excellent melodies. “To Begin Again” and “The Idol Counterfeit”, as they raise the tension, you understand that this album has only good tracks to offer you and it would be difficult for you to pick one. And if nothing has completely satisfied you so far, “A World Awakens” will do it in the best way through a journey of musical whimps, with punching vocals during the lower and even more in the higher notes. The wonderful ballad “Diagnose” seals an amazing album, leaving you with the need to listen to the album from the beginning. Damnations Day – A Big Band In The Run To The Top.The album is not a proposal, it is a necessary purchase.