Genre: Atmospheric, Melodic Black
Country: Spain
Label: Sleaszy Rider Records
Year: 2014

Something must be done with the inaccurate labeling of music. Others are presented as an epic metal band and sound like a pale imitation of Amon Amarth with guitars a-la Dragonforce, others say that they play classic heavy with N.W.O.B.H.M. influences and the closest to that claim is their t-shirts of their favorite bands on the photo of the album, ‘cause musically they seem to be a million miles away from the style they think they serve.

An example of ‘unfortunate’ presentation regarding their musical identity is the Spanish band Dantalion. It says in the promo of sleazy rider that these guys play doom metal with huge riffs, plaintive melodies and lot of grief, great so I say, let’s see what they’re all about. I’m still waiting to hear doom on the new essay of Dantalion. You can at least name it atmospheric black for fuck’s sake. The doom metal I know is something else. We have reached a point where we put every slow paced style of music under the label of doom metal. Some people seriously need to get a grip. The reality is that in the beginning the band played depressive black metal and later decided to just keep the melancholy, relaxing at speed but hold the extreme vocals.

So here is the fifth release of the Spaniards with a new singer and change of direction in the synthetic field. All those who worship the early work of Amorphis, Moonspell, My dying bride and the most atmospheric (century media) period of Rotting Christ will duly appreciate. Melancholy flows endlessly, the gloomy atmosphere created by Dantallion for 43 minutes drowns you, breaks you in pieces. The solo of Andres and Brais try to balance the situation offering some uplifting moments but the final outcome is stifled by the depressive melodies and total blackness of the voice of Diego. Their new venture is well structured and has been given the appropriate seriousness but in a scene that is literally ‘drained’ hardly makes any difference. Especially when their material has no ‘barker’, a song that could easily stand out from the rest. As a whole, however it finishes its job out worthily.

A release that winks its eye on the 90s, elegant, with personal sound, that despite the expected influences does not fall into the trap of brutal replication.

3.5 / 6