Danzig,News,2017,U.S.A.,Heavy Metal,Doom,Rock
Genre: Doom, Blues, Rock
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Evilive
Year: 2017
When you get assigned to write a review for artists like Danzig, you really feel you lost your touch in writing, because in this case all these memes from Facebook come to your head and then you remember the early years from The Misfits era and you kinda feel sorry because you used to adore this guy and you really don’t want to do it. Glenn Danzig brought to mind a quote from Erich Maria Remarque’s book, All Quiet on the Western Front that talks about lost youth…

“These memories of former times do not awaken desire so much as sorrow – a vast, inapprehensible melancholy. Once we had such desires– but they return not. They are past, they belong to another world that is gone from us. They are completely lost to us. They arise no more; we are dead and they stand remote on the horizon, they are a mysterious reflection, an apparition that haunts us, that we fear and love without hope. They are unattainable and we know it…..”

The ironic thing is that the new Danzig album is the only decent one in years, though is not something that you would buy or that you would say that is memorable. There are two things that hit you right from the start, that his voice has really lost its youth and that production is really really poor. The year is 2017 and although I’m not a musician and I’m not a member of a band, I’m pretty sure that with a few extra bucks you can get some kind of quality production. Of course there is still some Elvis tone there but no, Glenn’s voice is not what it used to be and has clearly aged. But don’t let me be misunderstood, this rock legend has nothing to prove to us. When I heard about the unexpected Misifts reunion, I really thought or better wished to hear a more horror-punk sound but ‘Black Laden Crown’ has a doom, bluesy, introvert sound that in the end wasn’t a bad thing. However the songs are repetitive, they kind of sound the same and nothing sticks to your mind, nothing is remarkable. The Danzig signature sound is there undoubtedly but that’s that, there is nothing there more to make you want to listen to it again and again. I mean the fans waited for six whole years for this album to come and I must say it’s quite a disappointing album (I’m not counting the awful covers album, 2015’s Skeletons…let me just shoot myself between the eyes). Best song in the album is definitely the opener and the rest is…hmmm….just plain solid. The best thing that this album has it’s Prong‘s Tommy Victor that really tries to add something fierce. Look, all nine songs are good but that’s the thing when you have a rock legend you expect more than just good, you expect something that tears you apart from the inside out. However he reached his 6th decade as a musician and at this point well, I guess this is ok, as I said before, this is a decent album.