Genre: Instrumental Post Metal / Groove
Country: Switzerland
Label: Cold Smoke Records
Year: 2018

One of the most interesting music proposals of this year sprung from the Swiss underground; a proposal that’ll certainly appeal to all fans of experimental-post metal sound. I’m talking about Darius, who presented / released their new (second) album entitled ‘Clôture’ last March. With a new drummer in their roster, Darius take it one step further, comparing this release to their previous one. Their music is utterly atmospheric, with many alternations in rhythms, ideal for these warm summer evenings. Even though the band does not fall far from the traditional structures and forms of the wider post movement, Darius balance between simple and complex compositions, maintaining this way an intense yet loose simultaneously freedom, thus letting their listeners experience a wide range of all human emotions in just a hearing. With the transitions between low tempo and fast speeds being in absolute balance with the transition from plain to extreme structures, Darius can become quite attractive to those in need of something special, making us have many expectations for the future.