Whoever has been involved with the Hellenic metal scene or attends shows regularly, (well, pro-Covid ofc), must have definitely bumped into Dark Nightmare. Formed into 1999 and hailing from Grevena, Western Greece, Dark Nightmare have been conquering the heavy metal stages for the past two decades.

Despite having been formed in 1999, their first official studio album came out on 2009, entitled “The Human Liberty”. Right before, there were only three demos, and one split EP called “Serpents of the Night” with Blade of Spirit. However, those initial three demos have always been loved by their loyal fanbase, so the timing was right for them to be published officially in a new release, entitled “The Dark Demo Years”, out by Steel Gallery Records. After the first two demos, the self titled one as well as the “Earth In Danger” one, came “The Blood Land” which has always been highly praised by heavy metal maniacs. It was also the time for Dark Nightmare to evolve their classic, heavy/power metal into something more structured and epic, a pattern that has been faithfully followed ever since. “The Dark Demo Years” consists of 17 tracks, including all of the songs that were initially heard in the first three demos, as well as some live performances from Karditsa and Athens during “The Blood Land” era. This new remaster of these oldschool classics gives prominence to the band’s original sound and the “Dark Demo Years” is definitely a way to enjoy these classics in an upgraded manner.

For fans of 80’s US heavy metal and avid concert attendees.