Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Greece
Label: No Remorse Records
Year: 2018

Its not the first or the last time we open these two topics. On the one hand, the main problem of today’s bands is the failing attempt to relive an old school sound. On the other hand, older bands insisting on hyped production as an aftermath of the underwhelming tools they had in the 80’s is another issue. Very few have found a balance and in the case of Darkest Color, we are talking about a new band that has written its tracks thirty years ago! I think that’s the main advantage of the record. It doesn’t try to create a virtual reality of the 80’s. It does use technological means to give an extra push with a modern production. The tracks are in the vein of Metallica with ounces of Kreator and give out the affections of the Greek youth thirty years ago. The lyrics are well written and with a social effectiveness, come along with the fast paced tracks and the attacking nature in the album. The record was recorded in the period 2016-17 where the older ideas were reworked, by the production of Thymios Krikos (Innerwish) and the participation of Giorgos Emmanouil (Rotting Christ) and Frank Blackfire (ex-Kreator, Sodom), while other than Thomas Trampouras another original member is here, the bassist Ilias, both of them having additional session musicians. Thomas Tampouras is the creator of Darkest Color, when after its disbanding, he joined Flames in the ninteties. In this well kept secret of Greek thrash, stand out the tracks “Politician”, the self titled, “Slam Dance” and “The End (Black End)”. Nice is the Holocaust cover and the hymn of “Death or Glory”.