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Black/folk metallers Darkestrah are going to release their sixth full length album, entitled ‘Turan’, on April 29th, 2016, via Osmose Productions. Below you can listen to the song ‘Gleaming Madness’, they’ve just revealed.

In their own words:

This song was inspired a novel “The Heart of Parma” by Russian author Alexei Ivanov that, in turn, is based on Uralian legend of Sorny-Nay, the Mother-Goddess and her statue, known as “The Golden Woman”, that was believed to be hidden somewhere in the mountains. This statue was also believed to lay the curse of madness on those who were trying to find and steel it. Some of those who were cursed perished eventually in a horrible manner, yet others were granted invincibility and could not die at all unless they would fulfill a mission laid on them by the Goddess.

Reigns among the frozen branches,
Rules the slopes of forbidden mountain,
Where blizzard howls
With voices of the witches,
Where shamans chant
To the blood stained idols.