Darkthrone Fenriz 2015

Darkthrone don’t need any introduction whatsoever so I’m heading right to the chase. Behold some great news, the band is entering the studio for the upcoming album and Fenriz himself posted the news on the band’s Facebook Page.

“Darkthrone news anyone? It seems we will go to the Necrohell 2 Studios to record something for the upcoming album already 9 days from now a.k.a next weekend. Also, there has been some great lyrics for black metal recently. The song ‘Syndenbukken” by The Deathtrip was great for sure but it seems the entire lyrics for the new Isvind album “gud” is spectaculare. Unfortunately for you, both these examples of great lyrics are in norwegian and sadly any google translator will only mess it up. Οh, well! Way of the world. – f e n r i z”