Genre: Hardcore
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Ipecac Recordings
Year: 2018

Social Media are replacing news sites and journalism is a kind of a joke especially if we are speaking about music. So we are living in a world where professional advertisers are promoting their clients through facebook, twitter, instagram and only review section still has a meaning…or not as Youtube or bandcamp is much more trustful and reliable for the average listener/consumer, while he/she can hear the new album (or the old that now catches his/her attention) in order to judge if it is cool enough to spend his/her money on it. I guess as we keep writing our opinion without exaggerations and mostly by focusing on interesting releases people will stay with us, keep reading us, evaluating that we save his/her time by proposing only what has top notch quality and a must add to his/her discotheque. Dead Cross is a hardcore super group featuring Mike Patton and Dave Lombardo (plus Justin Pearson and Michael Crain of Retox) and their self titled full length that came out on August 2017 was a mass offering to all the hardcore lovers. The new EP is a mixture of old and new material. 2 new studio tracks accompanied by 2 remixes of stuff from their previous record. We can’t say much about the new recordings, only that the opener ‘Skin of a Redneck’ and ‘My Perfect Prisoner’ are strong tracks that establishes Dead Cross’ already unique sound. Patton has a significant way of singing and once again here he creates, helped also by the multiple tempo changes and Lombardo’s brilliant drumming, an excellent groovy and schizoid, dark, hardcore urban (mini) soundtrack. The 2 remixes now: ‘Shillelagh’ (by Panicker) is in a more ‘90s industrial meets Korn approaching while ‘Church of the Motherfuckers’ (by Planet B) is too electronic if not dubstep or something to my ears and as you can figure out Three One G label mates Panicker and Pearson-featuring Planet B are helping them on making the 2 tracks from their debut studio extremely unrecognizable. Black Green Swirl 10″ Vinyl LP will be released on June 29th, so until then…