Genre: Thrash/Death Metal
Country: The Netherlands
Label: Hammerheart Records
Year: 2022

Dutch thrashers Dead Head may be lazy when it comes to release a new album and move in slow motion when it comes to hit the studio but when they do, the final result is excellent. And definitely not slow! In this release that comes five years after “Swine Plague” there’s a new singer behind the microphone as Tom van Dijk quit the job and was replaced by Ralph de Boer. The album oozes early Blackened Death/Thrash Metal that worships -who else- Slayer but surprisingly not only their prime time but also mid 90’s era and especially “Divine Intervention” album. If you are searching for other influences or similarities then you should wait for Malevolent Creation or Pestilence elements. “Slave Driver” is based on fast riffing and insane soloing, while drumming is focused on changing rhythms with a variety of tempos using all tricks that will keep your interest strong. Highlights: “Acolyte”, “Grim Side Valley”, “Drawn into the Wire” and “Horrors of Hades”. Dead Head’s “Slave Driver” which is the band’s 7th studio full length was release on April 08th via Hammerheart Records.