Genre: Groovy Blasting Death Metal
Country: Greece
Label: D.I.Y
Year: 2015

Warning: You’ll get your ass kicked by hello.

Dead Human Factory’s EP consists of 4 tracks (plus 4 bonus) of groovy grind / death, which is here to shake us and in my opinion is the harbinger for what will follow in the next work of the band. The first piece entitled “Bloodbath” begins with a sample and then the drummer gives the signal to Yannis Nakos (Mortal Torment / Procreate) to start the known to all of us bree-bree! The compositions’ groove – grind dose is enough to make you move to the rhythm of the track. “Cut Her Cunt And Skin It”, “Dismembered Corpses on the Hooks” and “The Puzzle Box” are more mid tempo tracks and together with John’s  voice (the band’s singer) the gain some old –school points! The influence by Six Feet Under is obvious and it’s reflected by Dead Human Factory’s cover of Six Feet Under “Impulse to Disembowel”. It’s a tribute. Also, on the EP there’s a cover of Sepultura’s “Slave New World”. In addition to the two bonus cover tracks the band, you can find two of the band’s older compositions, entitled “Hear Your Shouts Loud And Clear” and “Cemetery is Rotting”. We can only wait for the next Dead Human Factory’s piece of work! Hopefully, it’ll come out soon… Check them!

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4.5 / 6