Genre: Experimental Punk, Noise, D-beat
Country: Brazil
Label: Neurot Recordings
Year: 2016

If there is one feeling that errupted when I started listening to São Paulo, Brazil’s DEAF KIDS’ seventh album Configuração do Lamento … is anger. These Brazilian experimental punks immediately transmitted all the suppressed feelings of anger and smashing things that I have towards the bullshit that we have to keep up in everyday life. I’m not sure if the work punk could classify the band correctly as there are a lot of different genres infused, Brazilian and Latin music through tribal drumming, d-beat, noise, I think the list is infinite from the styles that one can understand after listening more than once this album. Ok, there are some early Neurosis elements but here we are not talking about a poor man’s Neurosis, Deaf Kids deliver a unique music experience on their own.

The album consists of eight short songs that as the band itself states is a sound riot, a trance-inducing cacophony, a body-shaking mix of percussive rhythms and bending guitars and could be harmful for the weak-minded.