Deaf Radio, Greece, Desert, heavy, Rock, Stoner, 2017

Genre: Ηeavy Rock/Desert/Stoner
Country: Greece
Label: –
Year: 2017

Deaf Radio released the album that you are going to love to listen to and listen to make love to. Sexy stoner. Totally amazing. ‘Alarm’ is absolutely fantastic. It’s fantastic. It grooves so hard, you will have a hard on. It’s true. They’ve got the best riffs so far in 2017. They are great. You’ll love them.  This is their debut album. Imagine what they are going to do in the future. Great potential. Just great. They have built a super wall of sound. It’s built to protect your ears, and make their music even more enjoyable. Ok? And you will have to pay for it because they deserve it. It’s true. They have composed nine songs. Not one, nor two. Nine. It’s huge. It’s 40 unstoppable minutes of the best stoner. They are very good. It’s ridiculous. One of their songs is called ‘Vultures & Killers’. It’s terrific.

We totally understand it’s gone be Queens of the Stone Age first. But, can we just say Deaf Radio second? Is that ok? Thank you for reading and best wishes.