Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: FDA Records
Year: 2021

As music trends goes around in circles, I dare to say we have reached the point where metal community is once again turning to the monolithic Death Metal, from whose cauldrons either new bands emerge or new records are released. One of them was released last April through FDA Records. The Swedes Deathswarm, reorganizing themselves, they returned by releasing two years after their debut (“Shadowlands of Darkness”, 2019) their second full-length album, entitled “Forward Into Oblivion”.

“Forward Into Oblivion” has managed to marry the swampy and deeply aggressive Death Metal of the early 90’s with the modern era and its clean productions and new ideas. Intense deformations on the guitars, which offer successive riffs with excellent synthesis, awesome work on drums, which play intensely with the rhythms but are definitely the backbone of the whole project, bass with a strong presence and not lost somewhere in the background, while one of the strongest cards is the vocal performance of Heval Bozarslan, who left us open-mouthed with the incredible management of his voice (from screams and shouts, to growls from bottomless depths).

The good thing is that “Forward Into Oblivion” does not follow OSDM monolithically / monotonically, but breaks the rhythms at key points, in order for Deathswarm to show on the one hand that they are multi-layered synthetically and musically as a band and on the other hand not to exhaust the listener. The introductory “We Still Burn” and “Unblessed Be Catharsis” I consider it something like a tribute to Bolt Thrower, “Unshackle The Jackal”, “Army Of Shadows”, “Deus Ex Nihilo” are furious Death Metal compositions with tempo to be unrestrained, “The Poet And The Meat Cleaver” and “The Eating Blood” move more to mid-tempo, while in “Where Death Is Recrowned” and “In The Wells They Await” the rhythms fall to slow Asphyx-like levels. Generally you won’t get bored. The complexity and the ups and downs in the rhythms make the whole album very special. Definitely this is the surprise of the month.

What I have not yet decided whether I like it or not, is the artwork cover (Emerging Death Designs). On the one hand we are confronted with a Vatican being engulfed in flames, the Pope ascending his own Golgotha, while the Four Horsemen of Revelation are fading. You say it a little shocking. We have had time to see such acreage on a disc cover. On the other hand, the aesthetic result is below average. I would have preferred the semantic references to be better intertwined with some editing program, while they could have “play” a little with the colors, as the red that overflows from everywhere, makes the result unnecessarily excessive.

“Forward Into Oblivion” was recorded at HSH Studios by drummer Alvaro Svanerö and Philip Borg, while mixing and mastering was done by Johan Ericson at Dead Dog Farm Studios.