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Prosecutors chose to drop rape and kidnapping charges against all four members of the Polish death metallers Decapitated, ensuring their eventual return to their home country after months of detainment in the United States.

The band was scheduled to begin trial on January 16th at the Spokane County Superior Court but eleven days before the trial date, Spokane County prosecutor Kelly Fitzgerald filed a motion dismissing all rape and kidnapping charges. While the charges were dropped, the four men could be prosecuted in the future.

The band’s attorneys stated: “everyone is relieved and they’re looking to get back home.”

Τhe judge’s decision to release the four was spurred by a letter of support from Polish politician Dominik Tarczynski, who contacted the court on the band’s behalf saying he urged the judge to “consider release of these men on bail until their charges can be resolved.” During their release hearings, attorneys introduced written testimony from Andy Marsh, of Thy Art is Murder which was playing the same show as Decapitated that night. Marsh said he saw the woman in the front of the stage, in the “mosh pit,” where she was violently dancing, which could have explained some of the bruising.

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