Genre: Death/Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Hells Headbangers
Year : 2018

There are some days that you promise yourself that you will deliver at least a review no matter what. You return home from an exhausting 8-hour shift and of course the same night all of your friends have arranged to go out and they spam the same message with no regret “stay in, you are missing out”. For sure there is also a great football match on cable TV and inspiration just doesn’t reach the 4th floor of your building. The time goes by tantalizingly, the hands of the clock seem to be stuck and of course you have not written a phrase. Basically you haven’t even decided about which album you are going to write since whatever you put on sounds more cliché and mundane than a football player’s comments after his team won. In the parallel universe of facebook, sjws are writing huge statements with an attitude that suggests authority in a subject that appears to be unknown to them, while a talk about another exhausted subject, record collections being the extension of each one’s phallus, is taking place on the wall of a friend and at the same time any possible useless information from every possible click is burning my tired brain, which is already in safe mode. It is not being hyperactive that keeps you awake and you can’t leave your laptop’s screen, but an indolent reaction – resistance to all the stupidity out there – and three tons of coffee that you have consumed since the afternoon. And, oh yes, the mail you didn’t expect saves the day. Hells Headbangers sent the link for the new Deceased album. Initial euphoria becomes excitement at the end of the first listening. It is not a secret that the Americans were always an extreme heavy metal band. Of course a death metal one that was present in all stages: birth, establishment and fall of the genre, but always with the eye looking at traditional heavy metal. This creates a unique mixture of aggressive compositions that are filled with power and intense melodies, in yet another record, the seventh of their 33-year long career since 1985. Fowley is a guy who not even a heart attack can keep him down, so it is not difficult to understand how Ghostly White had so much concentrated anger that had to be channelled elsewhere, but also that the seven years since Surreal Overdose were a fruitful silence. The 55 minutes the album lasts flow like water and suddenly the night is shorter, the tongue is released and the promise for a review was fulfilled without understanding how it became day outside. Nightmarish intro with Mrs. Allardyce, Germ of Distorted Lore is a rambling opus, To Serve the Insane gives you a bag to puke in it, A Palpitation’s Warning, Thoughts from a Leaking Brain and Endless Well are just great songs, The Shivers blows your brains out and Pale Surroundings is the ideal closing with a crescendo of succession of emotions and sick atmosphere…. 16th of November, the day of release, is not far away. Of course already in my Dirty Dozen, the list with the best of the year.