Genre: Thrash/Death Metal
country: U.S.A.
Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Year :2021

Deceased is the ultimate underdogs of extreme sound. But whoever found the courage to follow them know very well what a precious treasure has the King Fowley and co has offered him since 1985. The first ever band that Relapse has ever signed marked extreme music with some excellent if not glorious death metal albums that the brave band defined with its records. Deceased were always there in the birth and the commercial peak, the ups and downs of the sub-genre and will be here even when Fowley will have no breath to spit his growls, as his work will live forever. But as you might have already thought as the band started in mid-80’s Thrash metal was a big influence for Deceased. And all you that follow their discography remember well that the band have done three all-covers albums – 2002’s “Zombie Hymns”, 2004’s “Rotten to the Core”, and 2020’s “Rotten to the Core Part 2” (The Nightmare Continues), as well as 2015’s massive double-disc “Cadaver Traditions”, which compiled the first two covers albums with more than a dozen additional covers. So as the band loves covering their heroes and Thrash was a great inspiration for them, it was more than obvious that was on the way many years ago in Fowler’s mind.  In his own words: “Thrash Times at Ridgemont High is a project I’ve wanted to do since while writing “Fearless Undead Machines” in 1996″…a tribute to “the worst Thrash bands of the eighties”. Besides the intro, that Deceased came up with something special to start with and recorded a soundtrack from the teen comedy film “Fast Time At Ridgmont High” (1982), from which the album title was derived, the rest album is a journey in time and their vehicle is a giant rollercoaster named “having good time”. From Whiplash (Spit on Your Grave), Blessed Death (“Pray for Death” from the cult 1987’s LP “Destined for Extinction”), Sacrifice with s/t hymn, Finland’s underground legends Stone (“Get Stoned”), Danish tank of Artillery (“Into the Universe”), Canadians Razor (“Take this Torch” from their glorious debut “Executioner’s Song” from 1985), Voivod (one of King Fowley’s all-time favorite bands “Thrashing Rage”), Teutonic outsiders Darkness (“Death Squad”), Belgium’s Cyclone(“In the Grip of Evil”), cult heroes Rigor Mortis (“Demons”), British killers Deathwish (“Demon Preacher”) to Italian absolute obscure act of Bulldozer (“Ilona, The Very Best”) Deceased offers a brilliant, raw and instructive lesson in violence and Thrash History given with brave doses of their characteristic Death Metal From the Grave.