Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Memento Mori
Year: 2014

Decomposed are simple great. In their second album, “Devouring”, they make it clear that we are talking for one of the best bands in the old school death metal scene. More mature and even more aggressive than their brilliant debut (“Decomposed”, 2012), the guys from Sweden play their killing music in a morbid way where splendid riffs are creating an atmosphere of sickness. “Voices of endless decay” (a real storm!), “Abysmal descend”(excellent intro) and “From the darkness” (death metal hymn) are just some of the songs to let you understand what we are talking about! Great song writing, bestial vocals, mad guitar solos, thundering drums and all these through perfect production. Surely one of my favorite albums for this year. Hail!