Genre: Hard Rock/Prog Rock
Country: UK
Label: earMUSIC
Year: 2020

We count 21 records in the quiver of the Deep Purple legend, with “Whoosh!” having just been released about a month ago.

The British gang from Hertfordshire grow like fine wine – each time getting better and “Whoosh!”is definitely impressive given their age, huge discography and countless hits. However it’s more than clear that what makes this album so good, is a good flow in between the members with each other, especially highlighting Don Airey’s keyboards that are quite remarkable. At the same time, what makes the album special is a relative transition to a more progressive rock sound, with a fostering blues hue that covers their hard rock identity as we knew it. It makes perfect sense for them to have these influences given Deep Purple’s legendary years, but that doesn’t mean the record makes no sense or it is so great. How could it be insignificant with such a group behind its creation anyway? And yet, on each of their records, as well as on “Whoosh!”, they manage to renew their contract with the rock ‘n’ roll legion.

In conclusion, “Whoosh!” isn’t the one to discover fire, but one could not help but notice. The compositions are beautiful, compact, do not recall any glorious past and show that Deep Purple look forward to the future, and whatever happens within it.