Defcon Fest,Local Stage,An Club,2015,Black Hat Bones ,High Energy Rock’n’roll,Void Droid ,Heavy Rock, Southern Metal,The Mighty N ,Alternative , Progressive Rock, Sun Rain in Life ,Grunge, Alternative Rock, The Road Miles ,Southern Gothic ,Psychedelic Blues

If you are one of the misfortuned that cannot attend this year’s DEFCON Fest, you can do it through the wherever you are! For the seventh year, in the heart of Athens concerts in the historic An Club (Solomou 13-15 Exarhia), the DEFCON Fest, gives its dynamic presence at the dawn of the season 2015-2016. Therefore prepare pop corn, the necessary beers and get ready to enjoy the weekend which  Trailblazer Records has to offer for you.

First day’s Line-up , 02.03.2015:

Black Hat Bones (high energy rock’n’roll) | Void Droid (heavy rock / southern metal) | The Mighty N (alternative / progressive rock) | Sun, Rain in Life (grunge / alternative rock) | The Road Miles (southern gothic / psychedelic blues)