Genre: Blackened Thrash Metal
Country: Chile
Label: Edged Circle Productions
Year: 2021

Demoniac are hailing from Limache (a town famous for its tomato production and the religious feast of “The Virgin of the 40 Hours” , that begins in Limache 40 hours before the last Sunday in February with masses every hour, culminating on Sunday with a procession through the town) in Chile and were formed a decade ago in 2011. Probably I’m a bit late on reviewing it as “So It Goes” actually came out in December 2020, still as I wanted to add it in my top-12 aka Dirty Dozen list for 2021 albums (and I can’t…) at least I should write a couple of words about it. This is the quartet’s sophomore studio full length following 2017’s “Intemperance”. Their Thrash is violent, ferocious, on high speed with many twists and turns, full of traditional moments, a weird saxophone or clarinet I really can hear 100% what exactly is the wind instrument Ι hear in the intro of “Extraviado”, small piano parts in “The Trap”, brave use of Spanish here in the last part of the 5 song album and great musicianship. Not yours every day or average Joe Blackened Thrash band, not only for the experimental nature of their song writing but mostly for being unpredictable by stretching the boundaries of the sub-genre.