Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Agonia Records
Year: 2022

Every record from Sweden’s Demonical is an extremely enjoyable blend of Entombed and Amon Amarth influences top notch Death Metal. Well this doesn’t mean that every album they have released is the same with its previous etc etc. What I mean is the these guys, which they are no strangers to the fans of the genre as their line-up features drummer Ronnie Bergerstål (ex-Grave, ex- Centinex, ex-Julie Laughs Nomore and ex-Entombed A.D. live session, among other at least 9 bands he has been member of in the past) and Martin Schulman on bass (see also: Centinex, ex-Visions, ex-Interment), can keep the interest of their audience with their high quality compositions easily, as their records are based on simple and straightforward songs played in the old-school Swedish style Death Metal. “Mass Destroyer” is their 7th studio full length release and it is also the sophomore album that has after 2020’s “World Domination” Christofer Säterdal behind the microphone. Decent, full of energy, smashing riffs, melodic parts, threating guitars and battering drums “Mass Destroyer” has some brilliant songs that shine such as the highlight “Fallen Mountain”, that probably make LG Petrov to smile somewhere far from us in a different universe, while “Wrathspawn” and “Dödsmarsch” d-beats our ears and the closer Amon Amarth-like “By Hatred Bound” make the album a highly recommended proposition for fans of 90’s Swedish Death.