Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Total Metal

Well, well, well, what we have here. I was a bit reluctant to review this album ’cause I read that these guys are into Blind Guardian/ Iced Earth kinda style and I was think’ “oh, no, why me damn it?”. Well I shoulda know better. The only resemblance to Iced Earth is the voice of Alex Papandreou that is similar to Barlow’s (only more aggressive and thrashier). Yeap, the boys deliver an album of power thrash the american way, mostly up tempo-ed. Double bass, razor sharp guitars, what more can you ask for? And if you actually are a greedy bastard like me and want more then let me tell ya that the band doesn’t hesitate to deliver cool melodies justto make things even more listenable. Add a cool production into the picture and there you go. I think that this is an album worthy your money.