Official Press Release:

Hey Desert folks, big news are coming!!

Many of you will rejoyce, some may shed tears (only of happiness of course!), start headbanging, or at least smile as you read what comes next. After six beautiful years, time has come for us to move away from the Astra Kulturhaus. Unforgettable moments, memorable performances from the best bands this scene has to offer, smoky trees, unique atmosphere and arts from all over the world, goosebumps and laughs at the karaoke sessions in the bingo bongo bar… all of this we leave behind. Great memories which will always stick in our heads, and for some also under the skin – thanks to Iron Cobra Tattoo.

But wait: don’t be sad. The end of something means the beginning of something else! We’re proud we’ve found a new home for 2018’s edition in the walls of the ARENA in BERLIN KREUZBERG. We heard your constructive critics and feedback over the last years, reviewed all comments from our last poll and decided it was definetely time to break new ground. Located a few blocks away, still in Kreuzberg district, we’re now taking over the city center of Berlin and its river. With a fantastic view and outside beergarten along the Spree River, none of you desert foxes will remain dry this year.

Besides two kick-ass indoor stages that will permit no overlapping sets back again, we are planning for you a terrific chill out space with a large outside beergarten. The full complex offers a much wider space for us to build an unforgettable Desertfest experience: spectacular artistic outdoor experiences, cosy and psychedelic atmosphere, a free in and out door policy and various stalls for you shoppping maniacs. We will upgrade the food section to give you a much wider choice from the bratwurst dealer, to the veggie burgers and pots… there will be plenty to pick!

Simply expect to find again all the things you used to love @ Desertfest Berlin and all the more you were longing for! 2018 will be your best Desertfest experience ever: we’re working non-stop on it!

Now get ready for the first announcement this upcoming Friday (September 22nd – 2 pm / 14h). We will release a sweet bunch of bands among a first headliner and some nice surprises, which will make every desert rock- heart beat faster! It’s obvious, we will celebrate our new home at the Arena with a top-class line up.

See you soon in the capital of the almighty Riff!!!