Genre: Black Metal
Country: Brazil
Label: Self released
Year: 2015

Despot comes from Brazil and until now, was Marcelo Murrer’s one man band, which previously released 3 demos and 1 full length album. «Pictures of the Void» is a 4-track EP, which presents us Despot as a duet, due to addition of Diogo C. on drums, keys and effects.

The music style of Brazilians is very melodic and epic black metal, reminding us of Bathory, Sarcofago and Rotting Christ, especially in the guitar melodies. Of the four tracks included in «Pictures of the Void», I detect a tendency for experimentation and expansion of their music, beyond the confines of black metal, and indeed in many places the influence of classic heavy sounds is apparent. Production of EP is decent, but I think it lacks the range that would make it more pompous and, therefore, more fitting musical style Despot. Also at some points, vocals seemed left out the mixing process, something they should take good care of in the future. Ultimately, it’s just an EP and not a full album. If we assume that «Pictures of the Void» is perhaps a forerunner of a forthcoming full work and that they will take care of the production part, then the Brazilians will surely create a special, interesting and full of quality album.